Angel Card Readings

"I can't thank you enough...I got goosebumps because the reading was so appropriate for me."
-Sara B., Toronto

Note that Angel Card readings are one-on-one and can be done from anywhere in the world via Skype or similar. Readings via video messenger are just as effective as in-person readings. 

If you have questions of any kind, if you donโ€™t know what to do or how to improve a situation,  or if you need clarity for a situation, your angels can help guide you. An angel card reading offers positive and uplifting guidance, inspiration and motivation about every aspect of your life: work, relationships, spiritual path, abundance and prosperity, and life purpose.

You might ask about a specific person or situation,  or ask what your angels want you to know right now,  or ask about anything that is troubling you, or for which you need more clarity. 

Through the cards, the angels will communicate their messages with you; they will offer you their perspective, as well as guidance for your consideration to assist you in moving forward. Combined with my intuition, the reading will help you to find answers to your questions, help in finding resolutions, to possibly see things from a different perspective and to make decisions. It may give you the "push" you need to move forward on something that you've been procrastinating on, or confirmation that you are on the right path. 

Angels are pure beings of Divine light who want to help you with every aspect of your life, carrying messages between God and us. Angels do not have ego or judgment.  They love to be of service to us, all we need to do is ask for their assistance. Remember: you are never alone; you are always loved and supported. 

"Erin impressed me with her warmth and caring and with the heartfelt nature of her delivery. That she was deeply connected to the process was evident; the way in which she interpreted and shared the cards' meanings spoke directly into my life circumstances. I walked away from our session feeling encouraged and inspired."
-Emilie Timmins


"Girl, this is crazy. All I can say is Holy Wowzers. I took the advice of last week's reading and it did me wonders. Now this one... I can't even handle how these speak to me."
-Jackie K., Toronto

The fee for an Angel Card Reading up to 40 minutes is $50.

Angel card readings are available in person, by Skype or over the phone. Contact me to schedule a private Angel reading.

What you can expect during an Angel Reading?

You will be guided to set your intentions to be open to the highest good you can imagine for yourself. I will use Angel cards to do a past, present and future reading.  In my readings I receive guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides through the Angel Oracle cards.

Of course, at any point in time, you can make a different choice. The angels will deliver the gifts of inspiration and hope that empower you to make choices. Itโ€™s your job to take action and co-create with the angels so you can create the life you truly desire.

"Erin, thank you so much for the reading! This definitely answered my question, it was a huge help. You're amazing! Thank you. ๐Ÿ™"
-Sylvia N., Toronto

Angel Card Reading Parties

"Wow. I am at a loss for words.... this has been an extremely challenging week for me, as well. These cards provide so much clarity. Thank you, Erin!! ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ"
-Kristy C., Warminster, Pennsylvania

An angel card reading party is a great way to spend time with your friends and get a reading. I do readings for parties, coffee mornings, special occasions and all kinds of get-togethers. It is also a fun way to boost your team in the office! These events are popular and always fun and positive.  

"My jaw dropped when you read the first card. It was bang on. As you continued, I was amazed at how well the messages resonated with me. Thank you!"
-Debra C, Mississauga

Angel Reading Parties can be held in your home, or office. All that is needed is a quiet area to be set aside (preferably a separate room) to ensure confidentiality for those having a reading.

A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people are required. The host will receive a free reading.

I come from an IT background and would describe myself quite far from being spiritual. Having an Angel Card reading by Erin sounded like it would be appealing as a fun and light-hearted activity, so I asked her to draw some cards for me just for fun. She drew a first card for me for "today". Then she did a 3-card draw to represent past, present and future. When I saw the words, they captured my attention like those messages of "today", "past" and "present" were written right into my heart! They were quite more suitable for me for that moment in time than could be for someone else or for myself in a different time frame.  Now the logical side of me speaking - whether they were coincidentally accurate or I am just reading what I want to hear, the guidance from the Angel Card messages are all very positive reinforcements for our every day lives. I am still a little bewildered by the last card on my future, but only time can tell and for now it serves me very well as a genuine reminder on my action. I have known Erin for many years.  She is a very intelligent and intuitive woman with a keen interest in healing and a deep inner awareness.
-Y.Y., Markham